What are SmartBLOCKS? SmartBLOCKS are a new way to add elements to your AutoCAD drawings. Unlike other AutoCAD blocks, when you use a SmartBLOCK in your drawing, you do not have to trim the underlying image, saving you time, effort and money.

When you add a traditional block to an AutoCAD drawing the underlying image is still visible through the new layer.

Why are they different?
They mask the areas of the drawing that should not normally be visible automatically saving you from spending hours editing your original drawing reducing your costs.

SmartBLOCKS can also be easily moved without affecting the underlying drawing and placed anywhere over any image, no mater how complex.

Smartblocks are now compatible with the latest version 10 of Caddie software

click image to watch how easy SmartBLOCKS are to use
image 1
image 2

click thumbnails to view full size example images

Drag and drop masked library blocks into your AutoCAD drawings.

Blocks automatically mask the underlying drawing.

Change the position of the blocks quickly.

Turn blocks on and off easily.

Contact us for details on how we can convert your existing library blocks to SmartBLOCKS.

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